When Card Group started in 1997 we only had normal greeting cards in full colour but with no special finishes. 

​We then Started with only greeting cards and then developed with full range of complementary top selling products.

We have further developed an environmentally friendly strategy and follow required product safety standards.

We are wholesalers and distributors of everything gifting and partying related. These include  premium and exclusive greeting cards, balloons, gift wrapping options of all kinds, candles, and many more party accessories to make gifting and parties more exciting.







Card Group brings the "WOW" factor to the greeting card category with vibrant colours and eye catching designs.

Cards for every occasion

We’ve got thoughtful, unique greeting cards for every occasion

Birthday Cards

As people get older, their birthday celebrations develop too.

Perhaps it’s a big, spectacular occasion where everyone gets together? Or, maybe prefer a more relaxed affair, spending quality time with their closest family members?

Regardless of how your older relatives spend their birthdays, everybody loves a great card!

Valentines Day Cards

Beyond the chocolates, roses, and cards, there’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day.

It’s a day to show those dearest to us that they are loved. It’s a day to make the world a little brighter for those who brighten ours. And, for the literary-crazed out there, it’s an excuse to reread our most beloved literature inspired by the heart.

If you are hunting for the perfect card or gift to spread a little joy to someone you love, consider the unique opportunity of giving back in honor of your loved one. Now, you can choose a card to send or give to a loved one.

Wedding Cards

Your wedding invitation is the first encounter your guests will have with you before the event, and it sets the tone for the wedding you are planning.

A beautiful wedding invitation card is a valuable keepsake for your partner, friends, and family. Everyone would want to remember how beautiful that day was.

Many couples even keep their wedding invitation in their wedding album amongst all the photos so that it is always pristine through the years. Some even have it framed and hung up on their wall.

Easter Cards

Easter is a joyful time of year. From spending time with family to enjoying the spring weather, there’s plenty to celebrate.

Plus, there’s usually plenty of chocolate and other sweet treats.

For many, Easter is a religious observance that reflects the promise of eternal life and a colorful celebration.

As a major religious holiday, it’s the perfect time to wish those who observe well.

Baby Shower

When you give a baby shower gift to the mom-to-be or parents-to-be, adding a baby shower card is a lovely gesture and a thoughtful way to show your love and support. A card with a heartfelt message can even be something the mom-to-be puts aside as a keepsake or adds to her pregnancy memory book.

Fathers Day Cards

Dads never express their feelings in a big way, but a Card will hit a new level of happiness when he gets a card from you.

Honor your dad with these ideas & styles like traditional or funny and first Father's Day.

You can choose from photo layouts, rib ticklers, classic illustrations, and fancy lettering designs.

Mother's Day Cards

Hooray for all the moms in our lives mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, foster moms, bonus moms, other-mothers, aunts, wives, partners, sisters, friends, fellow moms, mentors, and women who love with heart.

Chances are you know at least a few moms who deserve a shout-out on Mother’s Day.